Parallella now has eyes


A couple of months ago we announced a bounty to the first person that successfully mates the Raspberry Pi camera module to the Parallella board. More information on the bounty can be found HERE. It doesn’t surprise me that hacker extraordinaire Sylvain Munaut has now claimed 3/4th of the bounty. There isn’t much he can’t accomplish when he sets his mind to it! More details and a discussion can be found on the forum.

Sylvain’s open source code showing how to use the solution can be found in the parallella github repo.

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  • delfare says:

    Great news !!!!
    When will the new porcupine board be available? (the porcupine board at digikey seams to be the old version without the camera connector).
    The github repo says that the binaries are for the z7020, will it be compatible for the z7010 desktop version in the future?

  • Sylvain Munaut says:

    – I’m pretty sure the one at digikey is the new version because a few weeks back they were out of stock and so the ones they have are newly manufactured ones.
    – There is no reason it wouldn’t work on the 7010, but you’d need to rebuild binaries from the sources. I don’t have a 7010 board so I can’t do any testing on it and I don’t want to provide pre-built binaries that aren’t properly tested.

  • Brian Viele says:

    Curious, would this platform be capable of supporting multiple cameras, say quad MIPI CSI cameras? Assume the kernel module is adaptable to multiple instances, but unsure the I/O would support it…

    Additionally, addition of an ISP to do interpolation, noise filtering, ois, etc. would be helpful…is this something that would be supportable with this platform?

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