First Parallella Technical Conference (PTC) to be Held in Tokyo


I am very happy to tell you that the first Parallella Technical Conference (PTC ) (or “parallella meetup” if you like) will be held on May 30th in Tokyo, Japan!!

A thousand thanks to Masafumi Ohta (who organized the first Raspberry Pi meetup in Japan) and RS Components for helping out with the organization of the event!

DesignSpark announcement from Masafumi Ohta (in Japanse)

Date: May 30th, 14:00-18:00

Location: “DMM.make” Akiba (

If you have demos, hacks, or presentations that you want to show off, then please contact “”

(Submissions and presentations accepted in Japanese and English)

[May 21 Update: Submissions now closed, program below]

  • The Past, Present, and (p)Future of the Parallella Project, Andreas Olofsson
  • An Introduction to Parallella, Masafumi Ohta
  • Parallel computing history and programming model for many-core system, Kazuto Matsui
  • Introduction to Massively Parallel Programming on Epiphany, Shinichi Yamagiwa
  • From Kickstarter project to Linux distributions, Andreas Färber
  • Maximizing floating point performance on the Epiphany, Anish Varghese
  • Practical Parallella expansion board design: My path to an autonomous SDR device, Sylvain Munaut
  • High end audio playback with the Parallella, Patrick Cazeles
  • At scale Parallella application deployment, Shaun Mulligan

If you have the budget and time to travel, we would love to see you there. If you plan on attending, please leave a quick note in the comments below to say hello.

See you in Tokyo!



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