Parallella now available from Digi-Key (worldwide shipping)




I am pleased to announce that we we have signed up Digi-Key as a distributor for the Parallella boards. Digi-Key is a first rate distributor with a massive line-card of in stock components and an incredible logistics operation.  I am a long time customer of Digi-Key so seeing our products included in their portfolio is great feeling for me personally. In the US, they have such a good reputation that more than once I have heard from fellow US product designers that “If the part is not in stock at Digi-Key, don’t design it in!”.

Anyone (US, international, business, and personal customers) can now order Parallella boards directly through the Digi-Key US site. (shipping rates are VERY reasonable). International customers also have the choice of buying from the country specific Digi-Key sites.

Between Digi-Key and RS Components you can now order a Parallella from pretty much any place on the planet.

Let’s make 2015 the year of the Parallella!

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