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Parallel and Distributed Computing with LOLCODE

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A newly developed compiler [0] and paper describing the parallel language [1] are released today which enable a novel approach to parallel and distributed programming for the many-core Epiphany coprocessor included in Parallella as well as multi-core CPUs and distributed clusters.  The LOLCODE language, originally developed in 2007, has been extended to include parallel and distributed programming concepts directly within…

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Major Parallella SDK Release (2016.3)

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Ola Jeppsson has been very busy over the last few months pulling together and updating all the components for a major new Parallella headless SDK release. Those of you looking for the latest Ubuntu, Linux, GCC, and GDB will appreciate this release. Key updates include: Ubuntu 15.04  (stock linaro) Linux kernel 4.4 (stock) GCC 5.2 GDB 7.10 The new and improved…

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Epiphany ABI Change Proposal

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In order to improve software performance in the current silicon and to make forward binary compatibility practical, I am proposing the following changes to the Epiphany Application binary interface (ABI). ABI changes get more painful the more successful a platform gets and with the Epiphany starting to gain momentum, I feel this may be our last chance. These changes will all be incorporated into the compiler and…

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Parallella now available from Digi-Key (worldwide shipping)

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    I am pleased to announce that we we have signed up Digi-Key as a distributor for the Parallella boards. Digi-Key is a first rate distributor with a massive line-card of in stock components and an incredible logistics operation.  I am a long time customer of Digi-Key so seeing our products included in their portfolio is great feeling for me personally. In the US, they…

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