Parabuntu 2016.11 Release


Thanks to another heroic integration effort from Ola Jeppsson, we now have a much improved Parallella Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu 15.04. (Note the name change from “pubuntu” to “parabuntu”)

Here’s a selection of some of the pre-installed features:

  • HDMI improvements (Thanks to Peter Saunderson and Ola Jeppsson)
  • GDB Epiphany multicore support (Thanks to Pedro Alvez)
  • EPYTHON parallel programming framework (Thanks to Nick Brown)
  • OpenMP 4.0 Device Support (Thanks to University of Ioannina)
  • OpenCL (Thanks to Brown Deer Technologies)
  • PAL Epiphany backend (Thanks to Ola Jeppsson)
  • Fallback support for FPGA only loads (Thanks to Ola Jeppsson)
  • Epiphany multicore simulator support (Thanks to Ola Jeppsson)
  • GCC 5.4 Epiphany Upgrade
  • GDB 7.12 Epiphany Upgrade
  • Update to ADI Linux 2016_R1 Linux kernel branch

The full release notes can be found HERE. To burn a new SD card, visit the usual page.

To get started, burn a card and try one of the many parallella community projects.



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