Update #54: Parallella: 100,000+ core shipped!


The Adapteva team (Fred, Diana, Andreas, Graham, Shiri)

(From Kickstarter Update)

Dear Friends and Backers,

Last week we reached a MAJOR milestone. We finished shipping the bulk (97%) of the Kickstarter rewards!!

The 64-core boards are in the final stage of assembly and should ship late this week or early next week.

At this point if you signed up for a 16-core board (as a Kickstarter backer) and haven’t received a shipping notification yet, then something probably needs to get fixed and you should contact support@adapteva.com.

We do hope you are enjoying your Parallella boards. We loved seeing all the nice messages on Twitter (@adapteva and @parallellaboard) over the last few weeks and really look forward to hearing more about your projects. Once you start using the board, we hope you join the Parallella community forum to let others benefit from your experiences.

Best wishes,

The Adapteva Team


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