New collection of Parallella/Epiphany tutorials now available


Technical Musings is a transcribed collection of the teaching materials I developed over the last year to assist my students in learning about the Parallella and Epiphany architecture. It contains a series of tutorials and walk-throughs for first-time users of the Parallella. Posts include:

Others may be interested in the 3D printable Parallella case I co-designed for use in my course (shown above):

I hope you all find it useful — comments and suggestions for improvement are certainly welcome!


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  • Tom says:

    Thanks for sharing Suzanne. I love the look of the case! I’ll have to try some of your tutorials once I figure out how to fix the Epiphany SDK toolchain issues for Mac OS X. Btw I added a small USB extension cord to the micro usb port. Adding a longer cable may fix detection issues. I know as I tried using a solo mouse directly and it wasn’t detected until I used the extension cable. I picked up a wireless logitech K400 series keyboard with builtin touchpad. No USB Hub is needed. Just plug the radio dongle into the extension cord and all is well.

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