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For those of you looking to cite the original work on Parallella and Epiphany, please use the following:











  • Miguel says:

    Del Amo Jiménez, M., “Runtime para task offloading en la arquitectura Adapteva Parallella“, Technical Report, Universitat Potitecnica de Catalunya

    He states 174us for 512×512 matrix multiplication.
    I think there might be a mistake (if I am not wrong that would be about 1500 GFLOPS). I think the time may be 174ms…

  • Mathieu Jan says:

    In “A 1024-core 70 GFLOP/W Floating Point Manycore Microprocessor”, you wrote “simpler NoC router design and smaller FIFOs”. Can you given the size of the FIFOs? Is a credit-base flow control mechanism is used? Thanks

  • Roger says:

    Why is it so difficult to find the file that drives the Parallella16? ?

    I can not find it anywhere!
    You instructions tell to “Just” download this image and the
    Being the brains, you should have at least thought to make it easier for us who are new at this, to find things easier.
    I have wasted hours attempting to find this zip file. You should have a button on the site that has the label “ download”
    I can not find it anywhere.

    And then I might also have the same question as below in this window; How do I program the Parallella? I have not had one display or keyboard response to this board? Did I get a bad board? Is it even working?

  • Roger says:

    Hello again,
    Things about the desktop board, or any board should be explained clearer. I have been building computers since the 90’s, but things keep changing and new definitions are being keyed. For instance: firmware. Is firmware the same as software? Is firmware just a new name for the software that is loaded to the ROM? What is the difference between firmware and software?. But I still can not fined the “” ! !

    I put the “” title into your search box and it did not recognize this, giving the response “Not Found”.
    Maybe I typed it wrong, because there is no distinction between and “I” and an “l”. (That is a capital “ie” “i”, and a small case “el, “L” “.) These things should be noted in the description. All most of us are asking is, be more precise! !

  • KNERD says:

    Maybe you should consider doing something else, such as stamp collecting if you cannot even figure out how to use the wiki, or forum for those answers.

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