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Two open source projects which will be participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 are inviting applications from students interested in Parallella related projects.

In both cases the Parallella project will supply hardware to students along with co-mentoring from Yaniv Sapir (Adapteva), and if necessary provide network access to a prototype board.

GNU Radio

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The GNU Radio project’s ideas list is hosted on their wiki, along with project details from their 2012 participation.

The mentor for a GNU Radio/Parallella project will be Tommy Tracy II of University of Virginia’s High Performance Low Power Lab. In a recent forum post Tommy provided instructions for building GNU Radio on Parallella, and he is currently working on porting GNU Radio blocks across to Epiphany.

Access to a Parallella prototype that is hosted in the ORBIT wireless testbed at Winlab, Rutgers University, should also be possible.


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The Openwall project are interested in projects which add support for coprocessors such as Epiphany, for use with various hash/cipher types. The also have an ideas page with further details.

Time is of the essence

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd May and time is of the essence as students must start working with projects before then, to discuss proposals in detail and in some cases perform a qualification task.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a respected global program, and to work on software that matters and with a cutting edge hardware platform, while getting support from domain experts and also receiving a stipend!


  • lordrafa says:

    Hello, I’m interested in work with parallella and the Openwall propose looks really interesting. I have some experience with parallel programming, cryptography and FPGAs then I think that I can do that but I have one doubt: How I will work with parallella? Will I need to buy a device when they go on sale? or I will have remote access to a prototype like GNU Radio propose?

  • Andrew Back says:

    Hi, it’s great that you’re interested in working on an Openwall GSoC project! The Parallella project would supply hardware —- you wouldn’t need to buy a device. If access were required to a board in the meantime, e.g. to complete a qualification task, we can provide this over Internet.

    The first step would be to contact the Openwall project. Good luck with your application if you decide to apply!

  • Y.Mohammed says:

    good news, i’m very interested in working with parallella, but i’ll be graduated in june; i don’t know if it’s possible for me to join the community not as a student?
    i don’t care about the hardware supply, i just want to work in an open source project on that wonderful platform with experienced people

  • Andrew Back says:

    Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to become a member of the community, regardless of whether they are a student or not, and we will try to provide support and mentoring on projects outside of GSoC wherever we can.

    The best way to get involved would be to post to the relevant forum(s) with any particular ideas and offers of help, but if you prefer you can contact me directly (andrew @ parallella) to discuss as a first step.

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