Collaborating Across Communities

The success of Parallella will depend upon working closely with those developing the languages, frameworks and applications that stand to benefit from a massively parallel processor architecture.

With that in mind we’ll be looking for members of the community to take a lead on key technologies, acting as a beacon within our community and liaison with others.

We now have our first such lead and it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Omer Kilic, Embedded Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions. Who, as you might have guessed, will be exploring how we can provide great support for Erlang on Parallella.

I won’t steal Omer’s thunder and I’ll leave it to him to explain in due course some of the things that he has in mind, and if Erlang support is of interest I’d encourage you to get involved via the forum.

It’s great to have you on board, Omer!


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