An Introductory Post

Today I joined Parallella as community lead, it’s incredibly exciting to be involved in a project with such game-changing potential, and if the support gained through Kickstarter is anything to go by I know I’m far from alone in this sentiment!

Over the coming months we’ll be working hard to ensure that everything is in place to enable the community to grow and for us all to make the most of this opportunity, and there will be regular updates via this blog and the Twitter feed.

I can’t wait to see what people will build with the Parallella board, and in the meantime I’d love to hear any suggestions that folks may have concerning the community via the Feedback and Requests forum.

Andrew Back

(a.k.a. 9600)

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  • Brooks Moses says:

    Hello, Andrew! Looking forward to working with you, and glad to see that Adapteva is clearly serious about supporting their user community!

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