Parallel and Distributed Computing with LOLCODE

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A newly developed compiler [0] and paper describing the parallel language [1] are released today which enable a novel approach to parallel and distributed programming for the many-core Epiphany coprocessor included in Parallella as well as multi-core CPUs and distributed clusters.  The LOLCODE language, originally developed in 2007, has been extended to include parallel and distributed programming concepts directly within…

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Pipelines on the Epiphany

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In the previous tutorial (available here) we looked at splitting a problem up geometrically. Driven by the decomposition of the data, different parts of the problem ran on different Epiphany cores with these cores often needing to communuicate when a neighbouring value held on another core was required. Whilst geometric decomposition is a very common approach not all problems are…

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Parallel messaging with the Epiphany

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This is the first of a number of tutorials where we are going to explore the parallel capabilities of the Epiphany and develop some parallel codes which illustrate the techniques used by HPC programmers to write large scale parallel codes on modern supercomputers. In this post we will concentrate on the mechanisms of parallelism, and one fundamental activity is the…

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