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Adapteva & Parallella status

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:45 pm
by aolofsson
I am no longer an employee of Adapteva (now at DARPA). Unfortunately I can't be involved with Adapteva day to day operations, but this was the status when I left:

  • Adapteva the company will stay open indefinitely
  • Ola Jepsson is still actively involved with supporting Parallella
  • Parallella (the board and software) is open source and will live and die with the community. Adapteva will continue to be a member of that community.
  • Epiphany processor/NOC IP has been available for licensing since 2011 for folks who want to build their own chips.
  • Parallella boards will continue to be sold through distributors (approx 3,000 built boards in stock, 25,000 Epiphany-III chips in stock)

I will write up a blog post to set the record straight at as well.