The Epiphany SDK and COPRTHR OpenCL SDK are the “official” supported development tools. However, the community is also working on support for other languages and frameworks etc.

Epiphany SDK

The Epiphany SDK (eSDK) provides:

GCC, GDB & newlib
Epiphany driver, loader and runtime library
Eclipse IDE
Binary packages can be downloaded from the Parallella Download site. For documentation see the Epiphany SDK Reference Manual (PDF).

Support questions should be directed to the SDK forum.


The SDK is jointly developed by Embecosm (toolchain) and Adapteva (everything else).

The component sources are spread across multiple repositories hosted on GitHub, issues should be logged using the relevant issue tracker and pull requests are invited.

To build the eSDK start with the epiphany-sdk repository and see the associated wiki.


The Epiphany toolchain is based on GCC, GDB and newlib, and includes a functional simulator for a single core.

For details of the history, features and performance etc.  see the blog post by Dr Jeremy Bennett.

Driver, library and BSP etc.

For info on the Epiphany driver, loader, runtime library and BSPs  see the blog post by Yaniv Sapir.


The COPRTHR SDK from Brown Deer Technology provides support for OpenCL development.
For more information see the documentation and the introductory blog post from David Richie.
Support questions should be directed to the OpenCL forum.

Other Development Software

There are presently community efforts developing support for:

  • APL
  • Erlang
  • GNU Radio
  • Go
  • LLVM
  • R-project

For more information visit the Parallella Software page on the eLinux wiki.