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Responses from Parallella user survey

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The responses from our recent open response Parallella customer survey are in. Thank you to the 300+ of you who filled out the survey! Your feedback will help all us improve Parallella for all 10,000 Parallella users. The open response question was simple: “What do you need in order to get going with your Parallella project?” As a result of…

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During the Parallella Technical Conference on May 30th we ran the first official live test of The whole experiment has come together very quickly over the last few weeks and it’s amazing that we had close to 2,500 CPU cores up and running within one week of launch. The successful first run is a huge testament to the hard work,…

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Write a C function and get a free computer

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  A few months back we started an effort called the “Parallel Architecture Library” (PAL). We already have a few external contributors but we are really looking for many more. PAL is an embarrassingly parallel problem so the more contributors we have the faster we can move! I know none of you are motivated by things like free computers, but as a token…

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The Open Camera Project – $4,000 bounty for Open Firmware/Drivers for Raspberry Pi Camera Module

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[Updated: June 19,2015] Inspired by Adafruit’s Open Kinect bounty a few years back we are offering a [UPDATE JUNE 15, JUNE 19:] $1000  $3,000 $4000 bounty to the first person/team to deliver a working open source driver and FPGA MIPI design for the Raspberry Pi camera module. I am sure you can imagine what the Parallella could do in the world of robots and drones once…

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A new Parallella software defined radio platform

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During the Parallella Technical Conference in Tokyo we announced a new Software Defined Radio platform, created by “friends of Parallella”. The platform is based on a popular Analog Devices RFIC called AD9361. The chip has some pretty impressive specifications: RF 2 × 2 transceiver with integrated 12-bit DACs and ADCs Band: 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz Supports TDD and FDD operation Tunable…

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Recap from 1st Parallella Technical Conference in Tokyo

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The first ever Parallella Technical Conference took place this Saturday in Tokyo and it was standing room only at DMM.make There were a number of fantastic presentations from Parallella community members (see videos and presentations below) We also had a few announcements of our own. A new Parallella SDR platform A $1000 Raspberry Pi Camera Bounty Write a C function…

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Help us build the world’s most efficient Supercomputer

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Hi there, If you own a Parallella please help us build the most efficient virtual supercomputer in the world this week! Who, what, where, when, why? Thanks to the amazing folks at there is now a containerized application deployment platform for the Parallella board enabling super easy workload scheduling for a fleet of thousands of Parallella computers across the globe…

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Parallella Project Hall of Fame

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If you want your project featured, submit your project here: Kinect Imaging Demo by “shodruky” SOURCES High-end Audio Playback with the Parallella by “patc” Mandelbrot  by “shodruky” SOURCES Blobluska  by “shodruky” SOURCES Parallella gets a remote GPU Boost  by “shodruky” Aobench by “Syoyo Fujita“ SOURCES A DAC Waveform Generator by “Aaron Wisner” SOURCES John The Ripper by Katja Malvoni, Solar Designer (OpenWall) SOURCES…

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Parallella Publications

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For those of you looking to cite the original work on Parallella and Epiphany, please use the following: A. Olofsson, R. Trogan, and O. Raikhman, “A 1024-core 70 GFLOP/W Floating Point Manycore Microprocessor“, 15th Annual Workshop on High Performance Embedded Computing, Sept 2011 A. Olofsson, T. Nordström and Z. Ul-Abdin, “Kickstarting high-performance energy-efficient manycore architectures with Epiphany” 2014 48th Asilomar Conference on…

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How the @#$% do I program the Parallella?

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Since the Parallella Kickstarter campaign in 2012 the one question I get more than any other is ” How the @#$% do I program this thing?” You are never going to become fluent in parallel programming without coding, so pick a card, any card. Let’s do some parallel programming! Thanks to the incredible open source work that has come out of the Parallella community…

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