Using the Parallella with ‘R’ and OpenCL

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‘R’ is a powerful and flexible programming and scripting language that was created in the early nineties about the same time as its commercial brother the ‘S’ language. The purpose was to build a language that would help statisticians do their job. In the mid nineties it became an open source project, and has since then attracted the attention of…

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Google Summer of Code Projects with Openwall

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As announced earlier, GNU Radio and Openwall offered some project ideas related to Parallella under Google Summer of Code 2013. Well, at Openwall we ended up accepting two great students to work on tasks related to Parallella (we’ve accepted a total of four students this year). As part of her qualification task, Katja Malvoni has ported our implementation of bcrypt…

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The Parallella board now runs Ubuntu!

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Great news, the Parallella is now a real computer!! The gigabit ethernet port is working and the full Ubuntu desktop version is up and running! We had some scary moments this week, but in the end everything worked out. Sometimes it’s really worth considering the old advice “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Amazing how the most innocent of design…

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Google Summer of Code Opportunities

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Two open source projects which will be participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 are inviting applications from students interested in Parallella related projects. In both cases the Parallella project will supply hardware to students along with co-mentoring from Yaniv Sapir (Adapteva), and if necessary provide network access to a prototype board. GNU Radio The GNU Radio project’s ideas…

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Hello World! My name is Parallella.

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The Parallella Board Has Arrived! DAY 1: The first 10 Parallella boards arrived on Thursday 4/11 and we fired up the first boards around 1:30pm. Some very nervous moments followed…but no smoke was coming out of the board! We would like to say that everything worked perfectly out of the box..but that wasn’t quite the case. Fortunately we decided to…

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Parallella: An Open Hardware Platform

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While you are waiting for news about the Parallella board power-up, you might want to check out these latest developments. A Parallella Platform Reference Design: A how-to guide for building a headless Parallella written by Roman. The source code for the HDL logic used to interface the Zynq to the Epiphany has been released with a GPL license. A Guide…

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Epiphany SDK Insights and Future

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History The Epiphany SDK started life as a prototype binutils & GCC port by Alan Lehotsky, which would run code on a Verilator model of the Epiphany chip. Embecosm became involved in March 2009, initially providing an implementation of the GNU Debugger. Then over a period of 6 weeks starting that September we upgraded GCC to a commercially robust implementation,…

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