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Parallella Reference Manual Release

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Now that the Parallella board design is finally stabilizing we are ready to release rev-zero of the Parallella Reference Manual (PDF). This document should be considered an initial rough draft and there are bound to be some typos and mistakes (only a few eyes have reviewed it so far). We felt it was important to get the information out to…

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A First Look at the Parallella Board

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The screen shot above shows the latest Parallella board placement (after three major redesigns) and we are now within striking distance of meeting the aggressive project design and cost constraints with a set of specifications that we feel really good about. The expressions “Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick Two” has been our constant companion over the last three months. At…

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Parallella Community Demographics

By | Parallella Blog | 2 Comments

Over the last few months we have received numerous questions regarding the makeup of the Parallella community. Questions that often come up include: “What will the Parallella be used for?” and “Who is buying the Parallella?” Instead of providing everyone with a few simple generic conclusions, we figured it might be helpful to present the raw data compiled from the…

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Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone

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PARALLELLA LAUNCHES AT 6pm, on September 27th Initiative to Bring a $99 Parallel Supercomputing Platform to the Masses   LEXINGTON, MA – September 27, 2012– Adapteva, a semiconductor start-up company, today announced the Parallella Kickstarter project to build an open and affordable, credit card-sized supercomputing platform that offers a 50x performance boost over existing open hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi….

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