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Second Parallella Technical Conference to be held in Boston [postponed!]

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  [UPDATE 3/11/16: The conference has been postponed due to a lack of paper submissions. Perhaps this was to be expected as 90% of Parallella related research has been conducted outside the US and traveling on short notice is always a challenge. More news to follow]   Last year we held a successful inaugural Parallella Technical Conference in Tokyo. I am happy to…

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New Game of Life and PI Parallella projects

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The Parallella examples github repository is growing! We are now up to over 30 user contributed examples, all open source and ready to use. If you are ready to get started with Parallella, this is definitely the place to start! If you have some interesting code to share, please consider adding to the repository. The latest two examples were contributed by…

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Parallella flies with NASA

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Researchers Rozier, Schumann, and Ippolito at NASA Ames Research Center has published an impressive report showing the use of the Parallella for on board health management of the Dragon Flye UAS. It’s not Mars, but it’s a good start! One way or another, I am going to make sure that Parallella makes it into space. ARTICLE: Intelligent Hardware-Enabled Sensor and Software Safety and Health…

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Creating an FPGA accelerator in 15 minutes

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The best kept secret of the Parallella board is probably that it includes a very capable FPGA from Xilinx.  Until now, the FPGA has not seen significant use due to the big time investment needed to get started. I have created a small “hello world” toy example targeted for anyone interested in hardware design. The simple design includes a 32 bit adder accessible as…

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Parallella 3 Year Anniversary

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It has now been 3 years since we launched the Parallella project on Kickstarter with the lofty goal of “democratizing access to parallel computing”.  Starting with a clunky prototype and an understaffed team in 2012, Parallella has come a long but as the saying goes: “the proof is in the pudding”. This post shares some of the stuff in the Parallella pudding….

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Parallella Porcupine Projects

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The Parallella Porcupine is now selling like hot cakes at Digi-Key, which begs the question: What is everyone doing with it???? So far, the coolest thing we have seen is this monster wiring hack (and of course I mean that in a good way) for connecting the north and south Epiphany links together (in lieu of commercial cables). Please tell…

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Epiphany ABI Change Proposal

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In order to improve software performance in the current silicon and to make forward binary compatibility practical, I am proposing the following changes to the Epiphany Application binary interface (ABI). ABI changes get more painful the more successful a platform gets and with the Epiphany starting to gain momentum, I feel this may be our last chance. These changes will all be incorporated into the compiler and…

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Fall 2015 Parallella conference presentations

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Here are some Parallella related presentations from last month. Slide deck sources (Markdown) can be found HERE. HOTCHIPS Presentation: Implementing Software Defined Radio with Parallella Video: YES DARPA, Wait, What? Presentation: The Power of Openness Video: YES IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC):  Presentation: “Kickstarting Parallel Computing” Open Source Hardware Summit: Presentation: “Open Source Chip Design” Video: YES

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Creating slides from simple Markdown text

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Over the last seven years I have had to prepare 100’s (yes 100’s!!) of slide decks for investors, conferences, customers, etc. I have gone back and forth between PowerPoint and LibreOffice but no matter what I did the result was always the same: I hated every minute spent fiddling around with these WYSIWYG tools The results were generally poor (tightly coupled…

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