Parallella GDB: A free Open source parallel debugger


Thanks to a multi-year collaboration with the development tools group at Ericsson, Parallella is now leading the charge in FREE (as in FREEDOM and BEER) parallel debugging!

An initial prototype of the debugger and visualizer was created in 2013, which was presented at EclipseCon, but we were never able to get it to a releasable state.

Now thanks to a monster effort from GDB maintainer Pedro Alvez, it works! !

Key Features:

  • A single GDB client to “rule them all”
  • Support for most of the usual GDB goodies
  • Ability to attach to cores in flight
  • Remote debugging

The package is included in the latest 2016.11 release. Development branch can be found HERE.

Ola put together a quick tutorial for those of you unfamiliar with the parallel debugging features of GDB.

We hope you enjoy it. Happy Debugging!