Major Parallella SDK Release (2016.3)

Ola Jeppsson has been very busy over the last few months pulling together and updating all the components for a major new Parallella headless SDK release. Those of you looking for the latest Ubuntu, Linux, GCC, and GDB will appreciate this release.

Key updates include:

  • Ubuntu 15.04  (stock linaro)
  • Linux kernel 4.4 (stock)
  • GCC 5.2
  • GDB 7.10
  • The new and improved elink (MMU, mailbox, better stability, higher speeds)
  • An improved thermal daemon
  • Automated release scripts
  • New Epiphany kernel driver with support for mailboxes and memory protection
  • Integrated multicore functional similator (Ola’s master’s thesis work)
  • The new Epiphany ABI

The full release notes from Ola can be found HERE. To burn a new SD card, visit the usual page.


  • Dan says:

    The 2016.3 SDK install worked well. The only slight hiccup was figuring out the IP address for the headless ethernet connection. Should have known I could have used ‘parallella’ with my local domain name. I used ‘nmap’ to find the new IP address.

    The Adapteva examples that I tried all compiled and worked correctly. There were some elink errors in the continuous loop examples after running many loops. Does this happen often?

  • Dan says:

    Looks like the shell script for the eprime example stopped at line 8 with a 2239 Bus error. After 71,516,972 tests. Same with the matmul-16 script that keeps calling its script with error on line 12.

    Otherwise the epiphany examples and tests are great and much easier to get running than some major micro controller vendors.

  • Bart says:

    Hi Andreas, where can I download the book “An Introduction to Parallel Programming”?

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