Parallella 3 Year Anniversary

It has now been 3 years since we launched the Parallella project on Kickstarter with the lofty goal of “democratizing access to parallel computing”.  Starting with a clunky prototype and an understaffed team in 2012, Parallella has come a long but as the saying goes: “the proof is in the pudding”. This post shares some of the stuff in the Parallella pudding.

The Parallella is making a difference and the project is gaining momentum. A big thank you to all for doing your part to make this happen!

A happy and peaceful 2016 to all .

Best wishes,


ps. As a small thank you to those of you made Parallella a possibility, we are dropping prices to $99 for the Desktop and $75 for the Microserver version until December 24th on Amazon. (US only)

 Parallella Pudding

Free Parallel Programming Tools for Parallella (8)

Products in Distribution (4)

Open Source Goodness (~100K lines of code)

Open Source Community Examples (~25)

Universities (~200)

Parallella Publications (~30)


  • hlide says:

    I wish to buy it at ($99) but alas cannot deliver it to Europe (France in my case).

    I think you may have more people outside US being interested with proper advertising by the same people advertising RPi. The actual prices showed in Digi-Key or RS are quite prohibitive.

  • […] In the fall of 2012 I started an open source effort called Parallella through Kickstarter. We ended up raising close to $1M in 30 days and successfully delivered over 6,300 boards to backers. In total we have build 20,000 Parallella boards and by most measures I would call the project a big success. […]

  • when can I buy the 64 cpu parallella board

  • Solar energy says:

    An execllent post from you, all helpful in stuffing my head up with useful knowledge.
    I’ve also taken the time to share this on Fb 🙂

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