Parallel Python Programming for Parallella

(say that 5 times:-))

Nick is back (remember he wrote a Basic interpreter for Epiphany a few months back).  He now claims you can run your first parallel program for Epiphany in 60 seconds. Take a look and let me know how it goes!


Source code:


  • Parallella User says:

    I know it’s off-topic, but I gotta ask. What’s the future of Parallella?
    Specifically, is there a time frame for a 64/1k core processor in the future? And by that I mean a finished, “digikey-available” board.

    A fan

  • Roger says:

    I got a Parallella Desktop board. And it watched the videos of it being run. But in all that the one thing I have been trying to find and see is HOW IS IT HOOKED UP ? ? ?
    Where do I plug a monitor in ? ? Is it through the HDMI port? ? and where is the keyboard plugged in ? ? AND How is it networked ? ?

    If anyone knows and can help please reply with the specifics.
    It would be nice if that information was everywhere on all the websites. BUT I DID NOT SEE IT ANYWHERE.

    Best regards


  • Ryan says:

    Hi Roger,

    You can plug it in to a monitor if you’d like using the mini HDMI port. You can hook up other peripherals using the mini USB port. I believe that you’ll need to buy a USB hub if you want to use more than just a keyboard. As far as networking, I just gave mine a reserved IP on my local network and connected it directly to my network box with an ethernet cord. I am running the headless OS so I just SSH into it instead of worrying about a monitor or keyboard. Here is a tutorial that you may find helpful.

    You may also want to check the forum

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