Parallella Technical Conference Program Schedule


The program schedule for the first ever Parallella Technical Conference (PTC) has been finalized and we have a great set of talks lined up thanks to participation from 4/7 continents. Amazing! Talks span the gamut: from “how to get going with Parallella” to maximizing floating point performance for High Performance Computing.

Date: May 30th

Location: Tokyo, “DMM.make” Akiba (


14:00-18:00 (Technical talks),

18:00–20:00 (Conference party at DMM,make)

20:00– (After party, TBD)

The Past, Present, and (p)Future of the Parallella Project
An Introduction to Parallella
Parallel computing history and programming model for many-core system
How to code in parallel for Parallella
From Kickstarter project to Linux distributions
Scaling the Peak: Maximizing floating point performance on the Epiphany
Practical Parallella expansion board design: My path to an autonomous SDR device
High end audio playback with the Parallella
At scale Parallella application deployment
Andreas Olofsson
Masafumi Ohta
Kazuto Matsui
Shinichi Yamagiwa
Andreas Färber
Anish Varghese
Sylvain Munaut
Patrick Cazeles
Shaun Mulligan

Hope to see you in Tokyo!





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