Parallella Shop (Re)Opening

I am very pleased to announce the we have completed our Kickstarter and pre-order shipments and we are ready to reopen the Parallella shop this Friday at 1pm EST!

Since January we have shipped over 8,000 Parallella boards to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers all over the world and there are now 25,000+ people with expressed interest in purchasing a board.

In July we will be announcing partnerships with major worldwide electronics distributors. In the meantime, we will be clearing out the last of our current batch through our own shop ( The boards include a Zynq 7010 and 4 backside connectors and will be sold at a discounted price of $119. The boards should ship within 24 hours of order taking (fulfilled by Amazon). Unfortunately, this batch will only ship within the US, so if you live outside the US you will have to wait for general distribution in July.

We expect to sell out very quickly, so if you are interested in purchasing, we suggest you bookmark ( and place an order at 1pm, EST Friday June 27.

Thank you for your patience with us over the last year! We are now pushing Parallella production into a higher gear and look forward to working with all of you to make “supercomputing for everyone” a reality.

Andreas Olofsson
CEO/Founder @adapteva


  • Anonymous says:

    Shipping method

    Sorry, we don’t ship to Italy

    How many boards we have to buy for shipping to Italy (we are students of the University of Studies of Rome “La Sapienza” and we want to try your board. The University of Bologna is in Italy…….)

  • Anonymous says:

    When will Parallella-16 (Zynq 7020 not Zynq 7010) be available in the store and what would the price for Parallella-16 (Zynq 7020) with 4 external PEC GPIO connectors ?

  • Dj says:

    When will more come in stock? I signed up to receive email notification when more became available and I haven’t received any notification and they are currently sold out. Information on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous says:

    How do I buy an 8 board 64 cluster as I am based in South Africa and want to run fluid dynamics on many nodes

  • Anonymous says:

    Sold out (again!) I never got a chance! Now the money is available and, guess what… SOLD OUT.
    Does someone know when more boards will be available for sale?

  • Carlos García. says:

    Will you reopen the orders in July?, I expect to purchase a Parallella board. Thank you in advance and regards from El Salvador.

  • rtoskit says:

    Sorry, we don’t ship to Spain

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there a reason why the price of each Parallella 16 models increase way beyond the kickstarter price of USD 99 ? I suppose when you increase the price further, you might deter people from buying Parallella boards in the future.

  • EMEA distribution starting very soon..stay tuned. Also, if you are students, have your professor sign up for free boards through the PUP program. (

  • At the outset of the Kickstarter campaign, there was a great deal of uncertainty and unfortunately we were too aggressive with our pricing. (losing money on every board sold is not sustainable…) The good news is that we have now reached steady state. As our volumes go up, our costs will go eventually go down. Our goal is to make a $99 version of the Parallella board available as soon as possible!!

  • Tuan Nguyen says:

    Hi Andreas Olofsson,

    Will it ship to Singapore?


  • Yuri Silva says:

    Hi Andreas! I’m a student of Brazil (State University of South West of Bahia), and in our University we have a few projects that needs a lot of computational resources, that can be solved with parallella boards. I’m trying to buy a board, but the distribution for Brazil doesn’t started yet. Because of that i’m searching for other methods to import, and i need a few informations about the package, as weight, height and size, could you inform me this data?

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