New Look! The Parallella is feeling blue..

The fabs are back and as you can see we have made a late change to the look of the Parallella board. It’s now blue! Interestingly enough I don’t think the question of color ever came up once during the last year. Hopefully most of you won’t mind the change. Designer’s choice:-)

The changes made to this RevC board (or Gen 1.1) include;

  • Fixed HDMI wiring issue
  • Made the USB port host-mode only as default build option
  • Removed flaky mechanical jumper for 5V mounting hole power feed
  • Added more ground vias for improved thermal performance
  • Changed Tantalum caps to ceramic caps to avoid material procurement issues

The new board sources can be found HERE.

200 fabs have been sent off to the local contract manufacturer this morning for final assembly. Expecting the first boards to come off the line in 5-7 business days if there are no issues. Fingers crossed…


  • Same board for Epiphany-IV chips too?

    Some companes moving to 20nm ASIC designs, like KNCMiner, and shipping products in 2014-Q2. When will Epiphany-V be released?! 🙂

  • Name says:

    Why a designer would choose blue of all colours is beyond me. I dislike this colour in electronics with a passion; especially the widespread use of blue LED annoys me a lot. Well, this board does not shine at least.

  • dfg says:

    Good for getting rid of tantalum !
    (People who don’ty know why should look at Coltan in wikipedia)

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