Community Update

It’s been a little while since I posted an update and what follows is outline of just some of the more recent activity in our community.

Rev0 experiences, object detection and loaders

In August notzed received his Parallella Rev0 board and since then he’s been blogging about his thoughts and experiences concerning an object detection application, scheduling, and linking and loading, amongst other topics.

Eagle library and GPIO breakout

Also back in August Sylvain, a.k.a. tnt, published an Eagle CAD library for Parallella, with footprints for Rev0 and Rev1 boards, and for a single Samtec connector as used by daughter cards. Last week Sylvain posted a picture of the first GPIO breakout board that he’s made — which can seen above — and for discussion concerning this see the thread on sourcing Samtec connectors.

Java, Graal and Sumatra

Michal Warecki is exploring how OpenJDK projects, Graal and Sumatra, could be used to implement JVM support for Parallella. For further details see Michal’s blog post from Sunday and the related forum discussion thread.


It’s possible to implement GPU functionality in the Parallella FPGA and/or Epiphany. However, another route to accelerated graphics was presented this week by shrodruk, who has published the code for a lightweight streaming library which allows the GPU of a network-connected Raspberry Pi to be used with OpenGL ES 2.0 applications. Always great to have more options!

Simple message passing library

Another project announced this week is an experimental synchronous message passing API for Epiphany, dubbed “x-lib”. Created by Mark Honman, a demo application complete with documentation can be found on GitHub, and to contribute to the discussion see the forum post.



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