The New Parallella Logo

As we launch the Parallella board to the world over the coming months, we felt it was only fair to this amazing piece of hardware that it receives and identity comparable to that of other famous and well known products like the Linux penguin, the Nike Swoosh or the Open Source Hardware gear-logo. At Adapteva, parallel processing is the core of our existence and so it was natural to use the purest parallel processor in existence – the Brain – as the Parallella icon of choice

Behold the new Parallella Logo…..

Parallela Logo_F_CLONG-01

The Brain is the Ultimate Parallel Processor

It represents everything that Parallella and Adapteva are trying to achieve

  • The brain is parallel  – consisting of  billions of elements, it performs multiple tasks independently and simultaneously
  • The brain is heterogeneous – different parts of the brain are dedicated to different types of processing
  • The brain is adaptable – able to rapidly update with new information as it arrives and perform new tasks
  • The brain is efficient – a water cooled wonder that burns less power than light bulb
  • And the brain is connected – taking millions of inputs from subsystems and operating based on that input

We will soon post our new logo on everything we can get it onto – starting with the T-Shirt we will ship to Kickstarter backers, on the case for the board, and some coffee mugs (you get one if you ever visit our office)



  • slacker says:

    I think the new parallella logo is awesome 🙂

  • Justas says:

    make simpler, i think

  • Nick Oppen says:

    I think it’s great. The brain, the circuitry and binary code – great combination.

  • wisp says:

    Brain is a bit creepy. I’d make it more absract by having it as a rounded square

  • Daniel Pendergast says:

    I like the black & white version.

  • Tim says:

    I think it’s great! I’m studying computer science and before I read your reasoning I thought to myself.. now that (the brain) is the ultimate parallel machine. Well done 🙂

  • Milan S says:

    can I get this t-shit? 🙂 This is very nice.

    With t-shirt please send me one parallella boart.
    Thanks 🙂

  • I’ll be the first to ask… I was late for the kickstarter but got a pre order, can we purchase a T Shirt?

  • gceline says:

    I t will be added to the shop as soon as we can get the supply and cost sorted

  • If only the Parallella ran on Cheeseburgers and Mountain Dew!

  • oldsoldier54 says:

    I think it is freakin’ AWESOME!!! Well done lads!

  • Nice logo. Expecting your 64-core parallela soon. Hope that would be a 22nm SOC. All the best.

  • 1234 says:

    22nm? You dream in colours 🙂 that size at the moment belongs only to intel, best size on othet IC is 28nm.

  • Kevyn Cheng says:

    I would volunteer the space of my shirt towards the advertising of Parallella.

  • Karl Nordstrom says:

    nice! I am looking forward to getting my board and shirt.

  • Peter Newman says:

    I like your thinking. And everything you say about the brain is true. But there are many unmentioned differences that make brains very different beasts to Parallellas. E.g. Brains are
    – analogue (spike timing, not spike counting)
    – approximate (continuous approximation not algorithmic completion)
    – unclocked (no stepping)
    – asynchronous (no wait for completion)

    There are still interesting comparisons to make on efficiency. For example, brains produce about 10^15 spikes/second and consume about 2 x 10^-14 J (0.02 picojoules) per spike.

    What would Parallel consume? More precisely, what energy would be needed for 20 floating point operations? This is equivalent to calculating a spiking neuron state ( How many such spike-code-loops/second can a Parallel run? I’d be very interested to know.

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