Parallella: An Open Hardware Platform

While you are waiting for news about the Parallella board power-up, you might want to check out these latest developments.

A Parallella Platform Reference Design: A how-to guide for building a headless Parallella written by Roman. The source code for the HDL logic used to interface the Zynq to the Epiphany has been released with a GPL license.

A Guide to Building Linux for the Parallella Platform: A how-to guide for building and booting Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) on the Parallella platform from source written by Roman.

Epiphany Drivers “2.0”: Substantial improvements to our driver API to make the Epiphany architecture easier to use. Yaniv has published the new sources on github and has updated the SDK reference manual (found here).

The Parallella ftp site is now open to everyone ( Prebuilt SD images and SDKs can be found to simplify the ramp up process.

The Parallella board design files (schematic, gerber, etc) will be released under a creative common license once the design is deemed production worthy and we start shipping to 1000’s of Parallella Kickstarter backers.


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