Parallella Community Demographics

Over the last few months we have received numerous questions regarding the makeup of the Parallella community. Questions that often come up include: “What will the Parallella be used for?” and “Who is buying the Parallella?”

Instead of providing everyone with a few simple generic conclusions, we figured it might be helpful to present the raw data compiled from the Kickstarter surveys sent out during and after the fund raising campaign in the fall. (I have a tendency to try to measure everything and admit that I may have a slightly unhealthy obsession with data.)

Statistical data can of course be interpreted in many different ways, but our own subjective and optimistic conclusions are that:

  • The need for a cheap, open, and powerful computer is universal
  • A broad developer community is ready to embrace parallel architectures
  • The use cases for the Parallella board are “infinite”

Parallella Data Highlights:

  • 66 countries and all 50 US states represented
  • OpenCV is was most popular application
  • OpenCL is the most popular parallel programming language
  • Learning parallel programming was the most common reason for backing the Parallella project

Parallella Kickstarter Deliveries


Parallella Backer Interest

Parallella Applications


Parallella Programming Language Interest


International Backers


Parallella Supporters Per Capita

(note: This is just for fun, please don’t read too much into the data!)

US Backers


Backer location data based on ~4000 Kickstarter backer report responses

Other data based on ~1000 survey responses

Entries with a “*” were explicit survey choices, other¬† entries were provided by users in text form


  • Sylvain Munaut says:

    I’d be interested to have the # backers per country / population of said country :p

  • aolofsson says:

    Hi Sylvain,
    Good suggestion, I was curious as well. Added the per capita statistics.(population data taken from Wikipedia). Just be careful with drawing conclusions from the data.:-)

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