2013 Parallella Supercomputing Challenge

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Task: Run the High Performance Linpack Benchmark as fast and as efficiently as possible. (Problem size TBD)

Platform: Four-board Parallella (16+2) mini cluster

Reference Code: http://www.netlib.org/benchmark/hpl/

Geographic Region: Worldwide

Category: University Level

Meetup: SC13


  • Ethan Frei says:

    When I first saw this posting title, I thought there was a challenge I could participate in, but obviously I was a little bit off. However, this got me thinking that my parallel computing knowledge, although it does exist, is quite small for a competition, and it would be great if there were some resources on this site that could get me prepared to take full advantage of the Parallela supercomputer. Perhaps the ‘Parallel Code’ heading on this site will have some helpful information (examples?). The ones that interest me in particular are the ones that I have limited knowledge with: MPI, OpenMP, Scala and Pthreads. What I would be extremely interested in is an online class (perhaps hosted on Coursera?) that will augment my parallel computing knowledge. Thanks for reading!

  • Hello,

    I missed out on being able to make a pledge via kickstarter, is there anyway to pre-order a board?

    Thank You,

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes! I’m in Korea and i believe you will success all the projects. Good Luck!

  • Aaron Baker says:

    When will this be available to purchase?

    kind regards

  • […] Parallella will put a 16-core supercomputer into everybody’s hands for $99. Their 2013 supercomputer challenge is definitely something to keep your eyes on. Their roadmap talks about 64 and 1000 core versions. […]

  • Andrew Back says:

    @Ethan, all great ideas, thanks! We’ll certainly be looking to host educational materials on the site and I’d encourage you to get involved via the forums if you have any further thoughts.

    @Ravi, I’m afraid not at present, but once there is a way for those who missed out on Kickstarter to order boards we’ll make an announcement on the blog and Twitter etc.

    @Aaron, we’re not able to give a date yet for post-Kickstarter orders.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Guys ! i was so annoyed by a youtube video “student builds supercomputer”, which was under the guidance of an electronics engineering professor at some university, and all the student had to do was plug standard pc componets together, and they had the audacity to claim wanting to join the green500 of supercomputers ! …insane ! –obviously a REAL electronics engineering professor would have specfied using a lot of multicore arm chips on a pcb, but NO they didnt.
    Thanks to you guys, crappy toy robots of tomorrow can be AWESOME !
    (any plans of making a pci card with 8×16 cpu’s on it so we can plug a supercomputer in our pc ?)

  • Andrew says:

    It looks like portable super computing is within reach to everyone at an afforable price. On my wishlist is a WIFI connected battery powered device that connects to my ANDROID NEXUS 7 to control the world of Robots and Gigabytes of multimedia data.
    Please don’t forget to include a USB chargeable battery powered switching power supply in your board plans.

    Is there any chance of a portable device described above?

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