How to Construct your Parallella Case 9

Step 1: Remove the masking
Start in a corner IMG_4032-300x240
and peel off the masking IMG_4036-300x240
To remove the masking from the Logo, you can either use a fingernail or an exacto knife. IMG_4040-300x240
To remove the masking from the binary section of the logo, simply rub it off with your thumb. IMG_4045-300x240
All the parts should look like this IMG_4046-300x240
Step 2: Attach White Mounting Brackets
Take the two mounting brackets and snap them into the smaller slots on the bottom panel IMG_4049-300x240
Step 3: Mount the Parallella Board
Slide the Parallella board through the mounting brackets and then push down near the PCB mounting nubs to lock the board in place. IMG_4053-300x240
Step 4: Insert the FacePlates
Take the Ethernet/USB/power faceplate and get it in the correct orientation as shown here. IMG_4057-300x240
Now insert the two tabs into the the slots on the bottom panel at a slight angle to clear the Ethernet port. IMG_4059-300x240
Once clear of the Ethernet port, push the faceplate into a vertical position. IMG_4061-300x240
Repeat with the other faceplate. IMG_4063-300x240
Step 5: Mount the Top Panel
Take the top panel and mount it with the Parallella logo over the Ethernet port. IMG_4065-300x240
Step 6: Attach the Side Panels
Take the side panels and mount them so that the large slot is vertically centered on the Parallella Board IMG_4068-300x240

You have successively assembled your Parallella enclosure.


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9 thoughts on “How to Construct your Parallella Case

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    There is a small black plastic square with four vertical sails with the board. It looks like it might be a heatsink. Presumably it needs to be fitted prior to closing the case. What is it for and where should it be placed? Thanks
    • Reply
      gceline Post author
      The heatsink included in the box is for the Zynq chip which gets very hot - if you use a fan, then this may not be required. Mount it with the fins top to bottom Heatsink mounted on Parallella Board
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        Just got my parallella! Woot! Should I use thermal paste to mount the heat sink onto the Zynq chip or what is the best method here?
  • Reply
    Jerry Heyman
    Ok. Board arrived last night, as with the instructions above, a fan is recommended/required to keep the board cool. Question is where/how does one add the necessary fan?
    • Reply
      Ken 'classmaker' Ritchie
      Hi Jerry, there's a photo here, showing a small 5v fan glued into one side of the acrylic case (if that's the case you are using) -- Post a photo if you come up with something innovative that others might like to try. Cheers!
      • Reply
        Jerry Heyman
        Ken - decided that soldering wasn't my strong suit. Have purchased an external USB powered fan,, which is pushing quite a bit of air through the side panels. Hopefully it is enough. I plan on documenting my trials/tribulations at First post only so far ... pictures taking me a while to move from phone to computer :-(
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      Why, you want to redesign to cool down the top of the PCB (having side holes at the top) instead of the bottom of the PCB?