Can I use Parallella as a cloud server or IoT Gateway?

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Can I use Parallella as a cloud server or IoT Gateway?

Postby parimey » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:57 am

I am an intern at an institute. I have a doubt in my project. The project is: Some client will send some data to us. Then we will process that data and will send him relevant information. For this, I have to use Parallella board. Suppose someone wants to know the output of, say, a particular synchronous machine for some values of voltage and frequency and etc. So he will have some app or through the web, he will send us this data. We will process the data if we have that machine and will send him the required information. For this, I think I have to use Parallella as a cloud server or as an IoT Gateway. But I am not getting this networking part totally. How will the client send a request to us? What exactly should I do to get this done? Do I have to register for some IP address on the internet or something like that? :roll:

Or if at the beginning level I started this with just sending a request through one computer connected to institute's intranet to the parallella connected to the same intranet, how should this be done?

(In this question if you find something which you can't get, means like what exactly I want to say, please reply so that I could brief you about my problem).

Thank you in advance!! Please reply, I need your help very badly!
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Re: Can I use Parallella as a cloud server or IoT Gateway?

Postby sebraa » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:49 am


Before I answer: I have deleted your other identical posts. Do not ask the same question multiple times, you are wasting other people's time. Once is fine..

If you are just an intern, your supervisor should be responsible for such things. Anyway, someone sends data to your Parallella, where you process it, then send it back. Nothing fancy here. However, for security reasons, I would recommend not making the Parallella available on the public internet, instead use a regular server to fetch data from the client, and also return data. You can use the Parallella as well, since it is just a regular Linux system, but it is not really server-grade hardware. How the interface to your client is done depends on how your system is designed; there is no "this is how you do it". It depends on your environment: Talk to your supervisor. Probably the cheapest way is to rent a virtual server somewhere on the internet. In any case, your client communicates to this server (call it "frontend server").

This frontend server would then connect to your Parallella. How, depends on your environment and the kind of frontend server you build. The Parallella then takes work packets, processes them, and returns the data to the frontend server. In this scenario, the Parallella will never talk to the client directly, it will just provide the processing workload.

If this is not acceptable to your supervisor, then there should be very good reasons given. We can't help you here, not without you providing much more information about your environment and what you actually want to do. In any case, your question has nothing to do with the Parallella at all, it is just a regular Linux question. Search the web on how to build servers.

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