High school student Parallella projects

By all measures I am a very lucky guy. Weird serendipitous things happen so often that I have stopped being surprised. For example, what are the chances that the high school kid living next door would turn out to be an absolute engineering rock star? Well here in Lexington, MA (highest # of PhD per capita in […]



Meet “Porcupine”, the Parallella breakout board. 1

  The Parallella board was designed for one purpose SPEEEEED! This was the reason we chose the backside Samtec connectors instead of something more hacker friendly like a 0.1″ pin header. With the current Samtec backside connectors we have a total of 240 backside pins and a peak bandwidth of 50 Gbps, which is pretty insane […]

Parallella now available from Digi-Key (worldwide shipping) 1

    I am pleased to announce that we we have signed up Digi-Key as a distributor for the Parallella boards. Digi-Key is a first rate distributor with a massive line-card of in stock components and an incredible logistics operation.  I am a long time customer of Digi-Key so seeing our products included in their portfolio is great feeling for me […]


Parallella Chronicles Part Two

Having powered the Parallella board up and successfully logged in the next step is to look at the software environment which allow us to create our own applications. To do this we need the epiphany- software development kit (e-sdk) and there are a number of choices as to how we obtain this e-sdk. The simplest is […]