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Introduction to Parallella Computing

"It’s amazing that so much is packed into such a small size and yet the connectors are still in relatively sane positions. On the table it looks bigger than a credit card but holding them next to each other the circuit board is exactly the same size sans the rounded corners."

− Kickstarter Backer

"I’ve had lots of fun with the Parallella so far, and just wanted to say thank you again for the chance to order one. I wish you all the best for the future, and I’ll try to do my part for promotion."

− Kickstarter Backer

"The first impression is that the board is small, very small and very dense. It appears at first a bit bigger than a credit card but in fact the PCB is an exact match."

− Kickstarter Backer

"Your crew are amazing, genuinely awesome people. Thank you for listening to the community and coming up with a solution that no longer requires a fan and the Microserver edition. I’m sure most of us will understand that it’s not always feasible to sell at a particular price point and won’t begrudge Adapteva doing what it can to stay afloat while trying to revolutionise computing like you are."

− Satisfied Customer

"First, thanks for the early board it looks very well designed."

− Satisfied Customer

"Congratulations! You had a very ambitious project and have executed it very well. I have recommended your board to the local university."

− Satisfied Customer

Parallella University Program

Providing academic institutions access to inexpensive and open massively parallel computing hardware.