New Parallella Product Offerings 36

When we launched the “$99 Parallella project” on Kickstarter in 2012, the goal was to “democratize access to supercomputing”. With a $99 price point, we knew that we would not make a profit, but we figured the value of reaching the whole world with our technology was enough of a reward for Adapteva as a […]


Parallella Shop (Re)Opening 12

I am very pleased to announce the we have completed our Kickstarter and pre-order shipments and we are ready to reopen the Parallella shop this Friday at 1pm EST! Since January we have shipped over 8,000 Parallella boards to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers all over the world and there are now 25,000+ people with […]

My Name is Brian and I Build Supercomputers in My Spare Time 37

Brian Guarraci is a software engineer at Twitter and in his spare time he’s building a Parallella cluster with a design that was inspired by two of the most iconic supercomputers ever made. When we saw pictures of Brian’s cluster we were impressed and when we shared these with the community, it became apparent that […]



FPGA Bitstreams, Headless Configuration and Expansion 10

An introduction to how the Parallella board FPGA can be configured for “headless” operation (no HDMI controller) and alternative expansion. The Parallella’s Zynq chip provides not only a dual-core ARM processor and peripheral interfaces such as Ethernet and USB, but also a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) that greatly increases the flexibility of the platform. In […]