Driving a Display with I2C and LCDproc

Hooking up an LCD to display real-time system information. This post takes a look at how you can access the Parallella I2C bus via a breakout board, use it to interface a 16 character x 2 line LCD, and then drive this via the LCDproc software. Although there are many other types of display that […]


COPRTHR SDK v1.6 Updated for Parallella

Introduction The COPRTHR┬« SDK provides libraries and tools for developers targeting accelerators and co-processors. The SDK is freely available under the open-source GPLv3 license. COPRTHR version 1.6 has been updated to support Parallella. In this blog post I present a quick overview of the support for Parallella provided by the SDK. API Support The SDK […]

The Low-Level COPRTHR API for Parallella

The COPRTHR SDK provides many libraries and tools that support Parallella and the Epiphany processor, including STDCL, baseline OpenCL support, and compiler tools for a standard compilation model. A programming introduction for Parallella will be available soon providing a guide for getting started using the high-level tools that are available. In this post I discuss […]

First Parallella User Created Video 13

One of the most active Parallella forum members “@shodruky” received a board a few days ago and check out what he did! Simply Amazing! @shodruky played around with the board to try to reproduce what we did for the Kickstarter demo video last year. We still have some tuning left to optimize performance, but it’s […]